Parent Handbook: Special Person Day

We will celebrate “Special Person Day,” because many children do not celebrate their birthday during the school year. This special day may or may not coincide with your child’s birthday. This is a day for each child to feel extra special and be recognized individually as an important member of our class. We are hoping you will become involved with your child when it is their turn to be the “Special Person” by participating in the occasion as much as possible.

Your child’s special day should begin at home, be enthusiastic about their special day at school. Work together to create their “Special Person Day” poster that will be shared with their classmates. Bring a snack that the two of you have chosen together; this can be a favorite food, but please try to stay nutritious.

The “Special Person,” will receive a crown to make and wear then take home with them to keep. At the end of the day, the “Special Person,” will be honored at circle time and will talk about their poster.

Each child will make their own Special Day Poster. This is fun! Use photos, drawings, pictures from magazines to illustrate your child’s life. Please involve your child as much as possible to make them feel truly special. If you need suggestions to get started, please ask.

Ask Teacher Rachel for the Special Day Suitcase list before your child’s special day. Help your child pick five items that are very special to him or her. Help fill out the form that tells why they selected the items. Having your child share the list and the reasons they selected the items with you before school will help ensure that your child is prepared to explain the items to their classmates. For example, your child might choose her baby doll. her favorite blanket, a storybook, a picture of the family, and a stuffed toy.

Most of all; have fun celebrating what a “Special Person” your child is to their family and friends!

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