Parent Handbook: Fundraising

Fundraising is essential to ensuring the long-term financial health of our school. In an effort to keep tuition affordable for families seeking a quality preschool education, we run an annual budget gap that averages $19,000.00. Without contributions from families, alumni, local business, etc., we cannot bridge this gap.

This year, instead of individual family fundraising goals, we are focusing on a school-wide fundraising goal. This means that some families will raise more money than others, but the idea is that every family contributes to the school as much as they can. It breaks down to roughly $425 per family. We have plans for several great fundraisers throughout the year, which will hopefully raise all of the money the school needs to cover the year’s costs. You will hear more about these fundraisers as the year goes on, and our Fundraising Chair, as well as your class reps, will have lots of information about how each family can contribute.

Many employers offer matching gift programs that make your donation even more impactful. If your employer has a matching program, please inquire about the steps necessary to designate the North Tacoma Cooperative Preschool as a recipient. Your tax-deductible gift to the school will help us to do a variety of things, such as improve facilities, purchase school supplies, replace toys and equipment, take field trips, and retain our wonderful teacher. If you would like to participate in or sponsor any of these events, please contact our Fundraising Chair.

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