Parent Handbook: Statement of Purpose & Parent’s Agreement

Statement of Purpose

The Cooperative Preschool exists for the purpose of enriching the experience of young children and their parents. It is made up of a group of parents, children, and professionals who are involved together in learning and growing.

Parent’s Agreement

We, the parents of North Tacoma Cooperative Preschool, agree to fulfill our participation, financial, and safety responsibilities in the following ways:

Participation -we agree to:

  • Earn a minimum of eight (8) parent education credits;
  • Provide a nutritious snack and juice as scheduled;
  • Participate in two school committees, one fundraising committee and one school cleaning;
  • Work in the classroom as scheduled on assigned days and to exchange dates with another enrolled parent in case of emergency.
  • NTCP’s Board primarily communicates via email. It is essential that you provide the Membership Chair a valid email address with your registration paperwork that you check on a regular basis.

Financial Responsibilities – we agree to:

  • Pay the registration fee upon completion of the registration form;
  • Pay the Bates enrollment fee at the beginning of each school year;
  • Pay tuition on time, by the first of the month, one month in advance, whether or not our child is able to attend;
  • Participate in fundraising activities as outlined by the Fundraising Chair.

Safety – we agree to:

  • Keep my child home if there are signs of a cold, flu, or any other communicable disease;
  • For field trips, maintain the family car in safe driving condition, carry adequate liability insurance, and a valid driver’s license.
  • Alert Teacher or the Health & Safety Chair if I see any unsafe school conditions or your child or family has any signs of disease that may affect school members.

Background Screening:

  • Any adult volunteer that participates in co-op must also pass a Washington State Patrol Background check (WATCH program)
  • If you have any questions regarding this – please speak to the board president or membership chair.

The full participation of all members is the key to making North Tacoma Cooperative Preschool the best school possible for our children. Enjoy watching your child grow and gain new friendships; as well as yourself.

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