Meet Teacher KimAnne

Our Beloved Teacher KimAnne is retiring at the end of May. Read the full announcement from The Board.

NTCP is hiring a new teacher. For more info and to apply, read NTCP’s Job Announcement.

Teacher KimAnne talks to a student on a tricycle.Teacher KimAnne Koontz was born and raised here in Tacoma, Washington. She’s taught preschool for over twenty-five years, and has a Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate from Bates Technical College. She attends an inservice meeting at Bates once a month to maintain a developmentally appropriate classroom.

An Interview with Teacher

What is your approach to learning at this age?: I believe a child’s self-esteem should be treated with care. I believe children enjoy learning.

How do you see the role of the teacher in the learning process?: Based on the theory children learn through play, our classroom routines encourage active involvement, and it is reinforced through repetition. Schedules are designed to balance structure and free choice as well as active and quiet times.

Teacher KimAnne talks to a student at the water table.I believe in an open environment so that there are always choices for the children. I believe children are empowered to take charge of their learning in this open environment. It makes them feel successful and that they are a valuable part of the community.

What is your favorite book?: Can not choose one. Even now I am discovering new authors all the time. My favorite illustrator is Jan Brett. I really love the richness of her illustrations and the way she always has a story within a story in the borders around the main illustrations in all her books!

What is your favorite dinosaur?: Triceratops or maybe Stegosaurus!

What do you hope your students remember about preschool when they’re all grown up?: That it was fun, that they are valuable, smart and loved.