Meet Teacher Rachel and See the Classroom

Teacher Rachel

NTCP’s Board is excited to announce our new teacher: Rachel Wood.

Teacher Rachel was a member of NTCP from 2005-2013. Inspired by her time as an NTCP parent, she became a preschool teacher, first with Tacoma Public Schools and then at a co-op preschool in Puyallup. In 2018 Rachel joined NTCP as our Teacher.

An Interview with Teacher Rachel

What is your approach to learning at this age?: I believe children at this age learn best when they learn from experience and play. I think what best sums this up is:

“Tell me, I forget
Show me, I remember
Involve me, I understand”

How do you see the role of the teacher in the learning process?: My role in the learning process is to make a welcoming environment for all the children. I do this through creating a day that is a mixture of free choice, community building, and quiet time. My classroom is made up of a consistent routine that allows children to know what to expect but also gives them ample opportunity to explore.
My goal is to create a classroom environment that is engaging and encourages children to want to ask questions and begin to become critical thinkers. I believe in a play to learn classroom and that children learn more through experience. When given choices children feel more in control of their learning and are more successful.

What is your favorite book?:
Right now, my favorite book is anything illustrated by Erin Stead. My favorite book that she has worked on is “Sick Day for Amos McGee”. Her block prints show so much detail an emotion in her characters’ faces. Between the story and her illustrations her books always have this very calming effect.

What is your favorite dinosaur?: Ankylosaurs, I love their club tails and body of armor.

What do you hope your students will remember about preschool?:
I hope they will remember how much fun they had! And that you should cough into your elbow.



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