Parent Handbook: Teacher’s Tips & Special Requests

2’s Parents: Plan to attend class with your child through October, or until your child shows readiness to be without you, as determined by teacher Rachel.

Working Parents: Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before class to help with greeting children & families and classroom set-up. Use the “cheat sheets” to follow along with the daily schedule and follow along with your tasks for the day

Non-working Parents: Please, if you are NOT a classroom working parent, plan to come no earlier than 5-10 minutes be-fore class is scheduled to start. This is teacher prep time.

Not coming today? Please call Teacher Rachel, 253-677-9114, to let her know that you are unable to attend.

Outside toys are allowed only on your child’s sharing day. Please do not bring them unless it is your turn to share.

Gum, candy, & pop are not allowed at school. Hot beverages need to remain outside of the classroom.

For safety sake, flip-flops are not allowed in the classroom. Tennis shoes are preferred.

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