Parent Handbook: Parent Education


Every family is required to obtain at least eight (8) parent education credits per year as set forth by the Bates Home and Family Life Department and Organization for Parent Education Programs in Washington (OPEP).

Ways to Obtain Parent Education Credits 

  1. Parent orientation (required) (one credit per person, maximum of two credits per family).
  2. Classroom training (required) (one credit per person, maximum of two credits per family).
  3. Attend a training workshop at Bates related to your board or committee position or a monthly parent education workshop presented by Bates.
  4. Attend a board meeting (one credit per year). Board members receive two credits per year. North Tacoma Co-op Board meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month.
  5. Committee positions (one credit for satisfactorily completing at end of the year as determined by the board).
  6. Attend a Bates parent share session*. (one credit per session). 7. Co-op family events/trainings (one credit per family per event).

What is a Parent Share Session? 

Parent Share Sessions are daytime parent education meetings with our Bates Instructor. Meetings are held at the preschool while the children are in class. The Bates Instructor is available for the duration of your child’s class session to discuss parenting concerns from child development to discipline methods. This is an informative yet relaxed and supportive discussion.

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