Parent Handbook: Board Members & Roles

2022-2023 Board

President Adrianne Wood
Vice President Carly Schulze
Treasurer Julia Hudac
Secretary Alden Bickford
Membership Laura Walters
Class Rep (2s) Katie Baker
Class Rep (3s) Celeste Erickson
Class Rep (Pre-K)
Zana Lee
Parent Education Nicky Mishko
Fundraising Stephanie Pratt
Health and Safety Eileen Weeg
Teacher Rachel Wood
Bates Coordinator Amy Mackey

Board Roles

President – The President is the Chief officer of the school, with general supervision and control of the affairs of the school, subject to the control of the Executive Board. The President also calls and presides at all Membership and Executive Board Meetings. The President and Treasurer together are the authorized signers of all documents and checks for the school. The President has power over the Board in times of emergency, until such time as a special or regular meeting of the membership may be called. The President may also fill vacancies on the Board, with their approval, until an election can be held. The President serves on the nomination committee for the following term, and is considered ex-officio member of all functioning committees. The President acts as liaison between Staff, Board and membership, and accepts any constructive suggestions and expressions of dissatisfaction for referral to the Board. The President is the primary contact with the facility administrator concerning use of facilities. The President keeps Membership informed of all rules, procedures and Executive Board decisions, and is responsible for the orientation of new Board members. The President attends all Executive Board meetings and required workshops at Bates Technical College. The President holds a set of school keys. Contact the President for questions about administration of the school, using the school’s name in the community, or to get a message to all families.

Vice President– The Vice President plans work parties, oversees committees throughout the year, including organizing and supervising them. The Vice President is also is familiar with all the President’s duties and responsibilities, and can also attend informational workshops at Bates Technical College in absence of the President. The Vice President attends all Executive Board meetings. Contact the Vice President for questions to check on standing committee assignments and any questions regarding committees.

Treasurer -The Treasurer receives school funds and deposits them into a school account. The President and Treasurer together are the authorized signers of all documents and checks for the school. The Treasurer disburses funds as approved by the Executive Board, keeps accurate records to reflect the financial condition of the school, and submits a financial statement each month to the Executive Board. The Treasurer handles all Federal and State taxes due quarterly, as well as employees’ withholding tax. The Treasurer serves as Chairperson for the Budget Committee, comprised of her/himself, the President, the Membership Chair and the Bates Coordinator, and presents the annual budget to the Board. The Treasurer collects registration fees, monthly tuition, and fines, if any, from each member. The Treasurer maintains a register by name of all fees collected and sends receipts upon request. The Treasurer maintains a complete set of books, and is responsible for securing adequate property and liability insurance. The Treasurer will secure an audit of the books at the end of each school year. The Treasurer attends all Executive Board meetings and attends information workshops for Treasurers at Bates Technical College. Contact the Treasurer if tuition cannot be paid, or if you have questions regarding tuition, reimbursements, or any other financial information.

Secretary – The Secretary is responsible for giving notice of all meetings, both to Membership and Board with help of the Class Reps. The Secretary takes minutes at all Board meetings, and establishes and maintains files of the School records, reports and communications. The Secretary performs all clerical tasks of the School not specifically delegated to others, such as answering all correspondence as directed from the Board, and reports on it to the Parents at the Membership meetings. The Secretary has available the Standing Rules and Constitution and maintains an adequate number of copies for information and circulation, and records all changes to the Standing Rules and Constitution. The Secretary attends all Executive Board meetings and attends the Secretaries’ workshop held by Bates Technical College. Contact the Secretary to obtain any and all information on any past or current business of the school as noted in the minutes.

Membership – The Membership chair is responsible for the program of recruiting new members into the school, and for maintaining maximum enrollment as provided by the Standing Rules. The Membership Chair receives inquiries and applications for membership, meets and arranges for prospective members to visit the school, instructs new members on school procedures, activities, obligations, etc. The Membership Chair determines with the Staff whether applicants meet the qualifications for enrollment, and notifies applicants of the date their child may begin school. The Membership Chair keeps an up-to-date current membership list, with names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. The Membership Chair receives requests for leaves of absences and resignations, and notifies the proper Board Members of any change in Membership. The Membership Chair attends all Executive Board meetings and submits quarterly Bates Technical College tracking information to the Treasurer, and attends informational workshops at Bates Technical College. The Membership Chair holds a set of school keys. Contact the Membership Chair if a friend wants to join the school, for questions about registration, or to update your address or contact information.

Class Representative (one per class) – Class Representatives prepare monthly classroom work and snack schedules, post them on the bulletin board in the classroom, and distributes them to appropriate parents. Class Representatives introduce new members who enter the class midyear to the rest of the class, and are responsible for their parent training prior to their first day of working in the classroom. Class Representatives act as a liaison between Staff, Board and parents. Class Representatives are responsible for communicating with families regarding school meetings, events, communicable diseases, etc. Class Representatives attend all Executive Board meetings and informational workshops for Class Reps at Bates Technical College. Contact your Class Representative if you have questions regarding the work schedule or if there is anything you want to bring to the attention of the Board on behalf of your child’s class.

Communications – The Communications Chair coordinates all public relations for the school. The Communications Chair maintains the school website and email lists, and keeps school domain name and hosting service accounts in good standing in coordination with the school treasurer. The Communications Chair manages permissions for other board members to contribute posts to the school website. The Communications Chair keeps the school activities before the public through the school website, social media, and fliers and posters as needed. The Communications Chair assists other board members in publicizing school events, activities, and parent education opportunities.The Communications Chair attends all Executive Board meetings and informational workshops at Bates Technical College. Contact the Communications Chair if you know of any organization or meeting in the community where we should have a representative in attendance, if you have ideas for a newspaper story about the school, or ideas or submissions for or questions about the school website or email. 

Parent Education – The Parent Ed Chair arranges and maintains the school’s parents education program within the basic policies established by the Board and Staff, and works closely with the Staff and Board in planning the parent education program. The Parent Ed Chair works to publicize Bates Technical College parent education opportunities and other appropriate activities, and arranges for the speakers, films and exhibits as necessary. The Parent Education Chair attends all Executive Board meetings and informational workshops at Bates Technical College.Contact the Parent Ed Chair with ideas relating to the Parent Education Program, or to check on the status of your family parent education credits.

Fundraising – The Fundraising Chair organizes and oversees all fundraisers and determines member obligations for fundraising for the year. The Fundraising Chair attends all Executive Board meetings and informational workshops at Bates Technical College.Contact the Fundraising Chair for questions regarding fundraising activities or donations to the school.

Teacher – The teacher comprises the school Staff, and is responsible for the planning and execution of all school curriculum and classroom activities. The teacher attends all Executive Board meetings and monthly inservice workshops at Bates Technical College. The teacher also holds a set of school keys. Contact the Teacher for questions about your child, the daily school program and classroom routines, or if you have changes or additions to your child’s emergency or release forms.

Bates Coordinator – The Bates Coordinator is a faculty member of the Bates Technical College Child Studies Department and is the official liaison between the school and Bates. The Bates Coordinator provides advice and support to the Teacher regarding early childhood education, child development and working collaboratively with families. The Bates Coordinator attends all Executive Board meetings providing advice to the Board on the operation of the school. The Bates Coordinator visits each preschool class on a monthly basis, providing for both formal parent meetings and informal conversations with parents regarding child rearing strategies. Contact the Bates Coordinator with questions about Bates Technical College classes or resources, or for general parenting or school advice.

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