Board & Contact Information

North Tacoma Cooperative Preschool
2708 North Union Ave
Tacoma, WA 98407

School: (253) 209-9277
Membership: Emily Thomas
For membership information or general inquiries:

2018-2019 Board Members

President: Heidi Schwartz
Contact the President for questions about administration of the school, using the school’s name in the community, or to get a message to all families.

Vice President: Rachel Bakke
Contact the Vice President for questions to check on standing committee assignments and any questions regarding committees.

Treasurer: Sean Thomas
Contact the Treasurer if tuition cannot be paid, or if you have questions regarding tuition, reimbursements, or any other financial information.

Secretary: Keri Pooler
Contact the Secretary to obtain any and all information on any past or current business of the school as noted in the minutes.

Membership: Emily Thomas
Contact the Membership Chair if a friend wants to join the school, for questions about registration, or to update your address or contact information.

2s Class Representative: Nicole Patjens
3s Class Representative: Judy Halls
Pre-K Class Representative: Stephanie Munizza
Contact your Class Representative if you have questions regarding the work schedule or if there is anything you want to bring to the attention of the Board on behalf of your child’s class.

Communications: Bobbie Hanks
Contact the Communications Chair if you know of any organization or meeting in the community where we should have a representative in attendance, if you have ideas for a newspaper story about the school, or ideas or submissions for or questions about the school website or email.

Parent Education: Sylvia Yalle-Ruiz
Contact the Parent Ed Chair with ideas relating to the Parent Education Program, or to check on the status of your family parent education credits.

Fundraising: Austin Patjens
Contact the Fundraising Chair for questions regarding fundraising activities or donations to the school.

Teacher: Rachel Wood
Contact the Teacher for questions about your child, the daily school program and classroom routines, or if you have changes or additions to your child’s emergency or release forms.

Bates Coordinator: Amy Mackey
Contact the Bates Coordinator with questions about Bates Technical College classes or resources, or for general parenting or school advice.embership