Big Changes at NTCP

Dear NTCP Family, Friends and Alumni,

Our school has seen some exciting changes lately. Last summer NTCP moved to our beautiful classroom in the Hoyt Early Learning Center, and next fall our schedule will add more days in the classroom. We now have another big change on the horizon: our beloved teacher KimAnne will retire at the end of the school year in May.

KimAnne has taught preschool for 27 years, and she’s been with NTCP almost since its beginning. She has helped hundreds of families in our community to educate and raise our children. No words can adequately thank her for the pivotal role she’s played in so many of our lives.

The NTCP Board has assembled a Hiring Advisory Committee to find a new teacher, and KimAnne is graciously helping us to find the best teacher we can for NTCP and to make this transition as smooth as possible. And we need your help too:

  1. When the job announcement is posted help us promote it in the community so we can get the best possible pool of candidates. If you have a friend or family member who would be an awesome teacher for NTCP, encourage them to apply.
  2. Join NTCP in honoring KimAnne’s retirement! On Thursday, May 24th NTCP will host our annual End of Year Picnic at Franklin Park at 5:30 pm. Please join us to celebrate Teacher KimAnne and all the wonderful things she has done for our school, our families and our community! This is truly a momentous occasion, plan to be a part of it!

Times of transition bring a measure of uncertainty, but we know with all certainty that NTCP will continue to thrive because of the dedication and support of our amazing NTCP community. We thank you for your enduring support.

The NTCP Board