Parent Handbook: Miscellaneous

Bulletin Board
Please check this area often for upcoming events, as well as other information pertaining to preschool.

Newsletter, school notices and your child’s’ artwork will be in your cubby. Please check your cubby and read your school notices regularly; take home art work after every class session.

The School library is located in the group circle time room to the right of the door. Co-op members may check out resources on parenting, children’s book and videos.

If you should need scholarship funds, you can obtain an application for scholarship from the Treasurer. Please note that this is a confidential form and will only be viewed by the scholarship committee.

Please talk to Teacher if you wish to bring a visitor to school. Due to our liability policy, we can only accept adult visitors.

Field Trips
Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from field trip locations. You may make arrangements outside of the preschool for another parent to drive your child. For liability reasons, siblings are not allowed on field trips, and the Teacher is not permitted to transport students or parents to or from a field trip.

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