Co-presidents’ welcome

Dear NTCP Families,

Welcome to the start of another exciting year at NTCP!

After having just completed three years at NTCP with Isaiah, we look forward to starting again with Jordan–our 2 year old daughter. In addition to watching Isaiah learn and grow in Kim Anne’s class, one of the aspects of the NTCP experience we found the most rewarding was building relationships with other families. Like with many other parents, the “cooperative” preschool model was new to us and we weren’t sure if it was the right fit. But we are skeptics no more!

Our first NTCP experience with Isaiah taught us that the cooperative model not only brings families together, but also helps equip us parents with the knowledge and skills to advocate on behalf of our children, to network and collaborate with other parents and to recognize the importance of creating a strong connection between home and school life for our young ones. In the specific case of NTCP, we are also confident that you will come to consider yourselves fortunate to have such an experienced, knowledgeable and caring teacher as Kim Anne. Under her guidance, Isaiah developed both a strong foundation for learning and an enthusiasm for school that has carried over into kindergarten.

As the year gets underway, we want to remind everyone not to be shy about taking any questions, ideas or concerns you have as parents to Karen Patjens, our liaison from the Home and Family Life Dept. at Bates Technical College. Karen has a wealth of knowledge and experience in early childhood education and is a great resource for us parents to go to when we get to wondering about our little one(s).

Finally, we also want to thank all those new and returning board members who keep the school running behind the scenes. We will post this year’s board meeting schedule at the top of the stairs and on the website, and encourage everyone to attend one board meeting at some point during the year to learn about how school governance works at NTCP. Hopefully, a number of you will consider standing for election in the spring!

Wishing you all the best!

Sherri and Stephen Woolworth
NTCP Co-Presidents

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